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I wish Myrtos is a best partner for Manufacturers ’ Operation which is an “Engine for Japanese Economy”

Yozo Seo
CEO for Myrtos

Yozo Seo , CEO for Myrtos Corporation has devoted to manufacturers by putting emphasis on “user oriented confidence” of which faith brought from his career at Kubota Corporation in charge of Information Technology Business. Kubota Solid Technology Corporation (Kusco such as RASNA Corporation and Kubota System,inc(KSI)) and SolidWorks Japan Corporation.

after paying key rolls for decades at its Head Quarters. He has introduced unique and promising products out of venture developers into Japanese market developed in the States and Europe by taking advantage of his international business career in IT community.

They are 1) CAPRI , developed by CADNexus an academic venture out of MIT Massachusetts a shape Optimization middleware by Transforming CAD data to CAE mesher bidirectionally , and 2) 3D Evolution developed by Core Technology , Head Quartered in Stuttgart , Germany , a data translator including feature information between various CAD systems developed by reverse engineering technology. 3) Solido , developed by Solido Model Ltd , Head Quartered in Israel , a front runner of desktop 3D printer. 4) 3D Connexion , Head Quartered in Monaco , almost monopoly of 3D Mouse with million units best seller in the world.

He has brought up international business community in 3D CAD area , such as a member of the board for SolidWorks Japan and Executive Adviser for Toyota Caelim, and Dassault Systeme’s Japan.

He has confidence in optimum proposal endorsed by his backbone , of which asset conformed throughout his career.

Many ventures from all over the world have been tapping to market their product to Japan. Myrtos has a capability of evaluating the products value for the future potentiality.

Consistent Visionary for next Generation Data Management Process in Consistent Way

Manufacturers have to control data through entire process, consists of BOM (Bill of Materials) , PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and documentation for every stage. We rate 3D CAD as most essential element as is the original entrance data for the rest of downstream process.

Horizontal and organic integration of individual information across department borders from front line 3D CAD to peripheral data will make eco-chain perfect which covers entire supply chain consist of Development , Design , Production , Marketing , Procurement , Sales , OEM partners , Suppliers , Logistics and any part of Steak Holders.

Users now are anxious for the development of “New Generation CAD” that will enable “Total Optimum of Eco-Chain”. Myrtos, with all its force, will find and develop market for such “ideal CAD System” in the near future.

Myrtos intends to be a best partner to manufactures , who are the “Backbone of Japanese Economy” from Development Planning to Design/Production Stream.

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